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The economic crisis has certainly hit a huge proportion of family homes and this means that many are burdened with financial worries. Considering the fact that standard loans take an absolute age to process, a lot of people simply don't know where to turn in order to resolve their short-term financial problems. That is where the payday loan comes in, with some consumers benefiting from this method of finance in a matter of minutes.

It would be fair to say that payday loans are the latest phenomenon to hit the financial market and this offering from Easy Lending helps those who are struggling with short-term monetary problems. The main benefit from choosing this type of finance is the speed, with Easy Lending able to provide finance in as little time as a day in some circumstances. The main reason why people would choose such a method is for those unexpected expenses. For example, what if that unexpected house repair comes right in the middle of the month - when funds are low? A payday loan can provide that instant relief and in every case your details will be stored securely.

Even though the payday loan doesn't possess the stringent red tape that standard financing possess, there are still some requirements. Firstly, in most cases only those who are receiving a monthly wage of at least £1000 are considered for the loan. Moreover, all applicants should be at least 18-years-old and able to provide their bank details and proof of the above employment immediately. At this point it is probably worth mentioning that even those with poor credit histories will be considered, with Easy Lending not taking into account any credit scores.

We won't hide behind the facts relating to the payday loan industry - the facts are that it has received some terrible press from some sources. This is mainly due to the high interest rates, although we are able to boast an exceptionally low APR in comparison to our competitors. Moreover, our package can be matched exactly to your needs and by completing our application, you could have money in your bank account in just a few hours. The whole process is conducted 100% online, with no requirement of faxing and this is what makes our business move at such a fast pace.

Easy Lending allow customers to borrow up to £1000 and stipulate that this amount must be repaid between 14 and 30 days. The details of the loan usually depend on issues such as your salary and your repayment abilities. It is generally advisable to repay the full amount of the loan on your next payday, although there are sometimes methods in which to delay repayment if you can provide a valid excuse.

Many payday loans are assessed purely on the pay cheque so those with a poor credit history can still apply. Even those on unemployment benefits or forms of income support can be eligible as they have a guaranteed amount of money coming in. Rather than sinking into debt it is definitely worth applying for a loan. Obviously the size of the loan is based on the amount of income coming in so the loan applicant has to be realistic about the amount required.

Our Advantages

1. Quick Payday Loan
    100% Online!

2. Minimal Requirements
    No Credit Check
    No hidden Fees
    No Faxing!

3. Fast Cash Advanced
    up to £1000

What Is A Payday Loan?

The thought of taking out a short-term high interest loan can fill many people with fear and dread. Misconceived images of loan sharks banging at the door demanding money, can put most people off the thought of loaning money from anywhere but the local bank. Horror stories of inflated interest rates and re-mortgaging homes to settle debts leave people refusing to contemplate the idea of taking out a payday loan. And yet these interim loans, when provided by a reputable company, are both a useful stopgap and completely legal.

So what exactly is a payday loan? In simple terms, it is a short-term cash advance, for those awkward times when there is too much month left and not enough money. Poor budgeting skills or unexpected bills can leave people short of cash for essentials and unable to fulfil their financial obligations. Payday loan companies can front the money that their client will receive in their next pay cheque. Once the pay cheque comes in, the amount borrowed is repaid plus interest and any relevant fees.

There are no restrictions on what the loan is to be used for as personal financial circumstances are regarded as the loan applicants own business. The only criteria for loan acceptance are the ability to pay back the amount borrowed.